Regional Conference on Sustainable Data Centre 2012

Data centres are evolving rapidly in response to the rapid growth in the digital world. In order to reduce costs and increase flexibility, organisations are merging data centres and adopting innovative green technology strategies, ranging from virtualisation to new application in IT architectures and cloud computing.

Recent estimate says that the world’s data centres currently consume approximately 330 billion kWh of electricity every year, almost as much as the entire electricity demands of the UK. Most of that energy comes from non-renewable resources, and it is believed that data centres account for as much as 0.2% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, many industries are growing concurrently with growth of data centres. This results in the demand for huge data centres capacities. It is expected that the demand for capacity will grow at about 12% p.a. over the next ten years as businesses continue to utilize automated processes, store data, archive historical information and adopt rich media. It is expected that in the year 2020, data centres will account for more carbon emissions than the global airline industry!

Programme in a Nutshell

· Roadmap to green data centre certification to enhance business profiles

· Creating innovative data centre blueprint to sustain competitive edge in the industry

· Execution and commissioning of green data centre development through practical strategies

· Leading the pack via proven operational cost reduction methods

· Keeping abreast with Green IT enlightenment for business owners and corporate leaders

· Risk mitigation and corporate data protection through reinforcement of physical and information


· Introducing eco-efficient approaches in managing network storage and data management

· Improvising through wining gameplays in Virtualisation and Cloud Computing

· Increasing energy efficiency while reducing power consumption for next generation computer


· Developing certified data centre professionals as a long term measure for corporate sustainability

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Mawar Mustaffa
[javascript protected email address]

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