RE-Source 2020

Join the online Renewable Energy Corporate Sourcing Week.

Corporate renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) are becoming a key driver for market-based investments in renewable energy in Europe, increasing from 2.2 GW of renewable energy capacity supported by PPAs by the end of 2016, to over 9.48 GW by the start of 2020. To be on a pathway consistent with achieving climate-neutrality by 2050, enabling further corporate PPAs to play a larger role in the EU energy transition is a pre-requisite to achieve higher renewable targets by 2030 and deliver on the objectives of the European Green Deal.

The RE-Source event is the annual gathering of renewable energy buyers and suppliers, interested in and/or active in Europe.

The event’s virtual presence will mean that everyone interested in PPAs and renewable energy procurement will be able to engage, learn, and do business. All of this will be available online so that everyone interested in PPAs and renewable energy procurement will be able to engage, learn, and do business. You don’t need to book the whole week - the event design will allow you to choose just the parts that interest you the most, allowing you to skip other sections or watch them on demand later.

But this won’t just be a typical online event. We’re currently building a studio in Brussels, and will be connecting with a partner studio in Oxford. We’re also busy recording some special features for you where you will be able to meet people online but in a different setting than a Zoom meeting.

You will be able to meet the corporates as well as schedule online chats and discussions with our experts.

Who is this event for?

Whether you are an experienced buyer or seller, or new to this sphere, this event will have relevant content for you. Each day will be customised to the different needs and interests of our participants, and it will be up to you to choose and attend the most interesting parts. Corporates buyers taking part in this event represent a wide range of sectors (retail, IT, chemicals, F&B and many more). They are joined by renewable project developers, utilities, manufacturers and other experts from top consultancies, law farms and other type of business facilitators.

Thanks to the presence of policy makers this event also offers an effective platform to discuss market and regulatory barriers and solutions.

Tickets are sold out every year, so don’t miss the opportunity and register now:

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