Re-imagining a Brighter Future: A Olam & Eco-Business Photo Challenge

Re-imagining a Brighter Future: A Olam & Eco-Business Photo Challenge

Eco-Business, in partnership with leading global agri-business Olam International, are on the hunt for powerful images that can inspire positive action on climate change.

Together, we have launched ‘Re-imagining a Brighter Future’, a photo challenge to capture the innovative solutions that can help us reduce climate change or help people cope with its consequences.

We are inviting you, our community, to participate.

All around us, the signs that the world is already feeling the effects of climate change are all too visible. In Asia alone, severe heatwaves hit much of the region last year and water levels in reservoirs across Southeast Asia have recently plummeted due to prolonged dry spells.

For many of us, the debate on climate change conjures up those distressing yet iconic images of stranded polar bears, bleached coral and smog-encased cities. Photographers have played a huge role in bringing climate change into the here and now.

What we’re not seeing, however, are the equally powerful images depicting the solutions to these devastating effects which — if climate change remains unchecked — will become irreversible.

Through this challenge, we want to shine a light on the solutions out there to drive wider adoption. Even seemingly mundane solutions like solar-panels, electric cars or plant-based bottles have the potential to be re-imagined through photography to become striking and memorable images that stick and make people act.

We are looking for these images that will elicit a desire to challenge the status quo, to re-imagine one’s own role in the solution, and ultimately inspire action that can turn the tide on climate change.

Submissions can touch on any sector or aspect of people’s lives, including housing, energy, transportation or consumption.

The competition has three categories:

  • Open Category: This is open to anyone regardless of age and professional skills.
  • Youth Category: This category is for those aged 25 and under.
  • Olam International Category: This is open to employees of Olam International.

The winner of the open category will be rewarded with a five-day hosted trip to either Africa or Asia to visit Olam’s climate-smart agricultural programmes and meet smallholder farmers.

The winner of the Youth Category will receive a GoPro Hero 6.

Judging the winning photos will be:

  • National Geographic 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year, Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan
  • Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Olam International
  • Eco-Business managing editor Jessica Cheam

Share your best work with us by emailing it to [] with Re-imagining a Brighter Future in the subject line.

This photo competition is part of Eco-Business’s larger Changing Course campaign on climate action.


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