Race to Zero: Empowering and Expanding Trusted Voluntary Carbon Markets

Race to Zero: Empowering and Expanding Trusted Voluntary Carbon Markets

🌍 Mark your calendars! Join us for our second event of our Race to Zero series, proudly hosted by my team at KPMG’s Business Foundry, as we’re diving deep into the pivotal topic of Empowering and Expanding Trusted Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM).

In light of ongoing debates regarding the quality of carbon credits and the effectiveness of carbon projects in achieving their intended reduction and removal outcomes, we are igniting an important discussion on what it takes to establish and expand a high-quality voluntary carbon market. We’ll also explore how we can leverage tools, technology, and data to enhance its integrity and efficiency from the point of view of project developers and investors, buyers and more.

🔍 Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll discuss:

✅ Overview of how the VCM has evolved and its present challenges.

✅ Building a consensus on credit quality standards.

✅ Key developments in demand and supply shaping the VCM landscape.

✅ Stringent carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) protocols and proficient data management.

✅ The potential of technology in scaling and ensuring data and process integrity in the VCM.

To register and secure your spot, click on the link below: https://na.eventscloud.com/ereg/newreg.php?eventid=771534&

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