North American Green Steel Summit 2024

North American Green Steel Summit 2024

Due to the increasing climate challenges faced by the world, low-carbon development has increasingly become a global consensus, and the green low-carbon transformation of the industry has become the key to solving the bottleneck problems of environment, energy and resources.

Steel production is the largest emitting manufacturing sector on the planet, accounting for 7% of total man-made greenhouse gas emissions. North America has been committed to decarbonisation, and decarbonisation in the NA region is happening at full speed.

North America currently has the lowest carbon steel production in the world, as a result of a combination of economic, financial and technological factors that have made the North American steel industry a poster child for green steel production, contributing to the prevention of climate change and global warming.

North America has advanced technology, abundant renewable energy resources and a good environment for innovation in the production of green steel, in order to achieve sustained, rapid and high-quality development in the future, it needs to solve several problems such as technical economics, energy infrastructure transformation, policy support, industrial chain coordination and environmental and social licensing. According to a market report, NA region is a highly profitable market of green steel between 2023 and 2032.

The summit will bring together the professional steel industry in North America and other stakeholders to discuss the development trend and transformation of green steel in North America, and in-depth study of the latest achievements of steel in reducing carbon emissions, and establish a leading role for the future development of the steel industry in North America and even the world.

Event Date/ Location / Organiser

October 28-29,2024 / Detroit, Michigan, USA / ECV International
The summit will be held in-person and online.


The Transformation of Green Steel Development in NA
Sustainable Steel Production with Green Hydrogen
Renewable Energy in Green Steel
Partnerships & Innovations
Policy Initiatives Impacting Steel Production
Sustainable Mining
Innovative Ironmaking
Scrap in Driving Low Carbon Production of Steel
Steel Electrification & Digitalisation
How to Further Boost the Demands for Green Steel
Exploring Green Finance Mechanisms
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE)
Iron Electrolysis
Metallurgical Equipment Innovation and Upgrading
Reliable and Clean Energy: Solar Power and Green Hydrogen
How to Develop Sustainable Green Hydrogen
Advanced SOEC Electrolysis

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