National Conference on Heavy Metals in Environment

The rate of pollution in air, water and soil is increasing alarmingly in the recent decades. Among all the pollutants, heavy metals are important because of their large scale impact on human health. The presence of Heavy metals in soil, water and air is widely reported nationally and internationally. Heavy metals occur as natural constituents of the earth crust, and are persistent environmental contaminants since they are degradable/destroyable. To a small extent, they enter human and animal body systems through food, air, and water and bio-accumulate over a period of time.

The magnitude and effect of heavy metals on different ecological systems and on human health is a hot topic of research which is being studied widely. Adverse health effects of heavy metals have been known for a long time as the exposure to heavy metals continues at a larger extent in recent times the studies pertaining to this area of research is highly significant. The atmospheric exposure to heavy metals resulted by the rapid urbanization and increase in automobile number endangers the human health as the emission directly affect the respiratory system and thus the entire body.

Scientists need to understand not only the unique features and behavior of individual heavy metals in the ecosystem but also the differences, similarities and interactions of different metals and their behavior at the ecosystem and cellular levels if one has to deal with the problems of global heavy metal pollution in a sustainable manner. HME-2013 focuses not only on a specific metal, or a specific environmental medium, but also aims to provide a unique platform for discussion and presentation of state-of-the-art research findings on the heavy metals, their interactions-synergistic and antagonistic-with the environment on the whole to a broad scientific community.

The HME-2013 will focus on applying a multidisciplinary approach in developing new or updating current environmental policies with an aim of reducing the impact of heavy metals on both human health and ecosystem. The input from various branches of environmental science and technology may require framing an effective policy. Hence the HME-2013 conference will provide an ideal opportunity for environmental policy-oriented contributors to share their research. 

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