Moving towards environmentally sustainable self-care

Moving towards environmentally sustainable self-care

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health. As the consumer health industry, it’s our duty to tackle this both in terms of health action and climate action. To this, the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) launched the Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self-Care which is a global commitment on behalf of the consumer health-care industry to support environmental sustainability, without compromising on health outcomes, product safety and access to consumers.

The Charter provides a robust framework for us to take impactful, collective action and in consultation with key external stakeholders working actively in this area. The focus is on three areas of largest impact for the self-care industry (Plastics & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and CO2 Footprint), supports our delivery of tangible results. GSCF members have committed to the charter in form of pledges, depending on where they are along the environmental continuum. All the commitments of companies and associations are done on a voluntary basis. Members are accountable for the content and level of their individual commitments. Sharing best practices and experiences drives innovation in sustainability among our members. The GSCF charter is a starting point for the consumer health industry which outlines the efforts of the GSCF members and value of consumer engagement in preserving the environment (e.g.return of unused or expired medicines). However, going ahead the ultimate aim of the charter is to contribute to well-being society to be able to prevent and respond to the multiple health and ecological crises globally, as laid out in the WHO Geneva Charter for Well-being.

The webinar aims to:

•      Address how the Geneva Charter and how industry initiatives like the GSCF Charter translate into creating well-being of societies

•      Explain the relevance of environmental sustainability for global health systems In the context of the Charter

•      Assess how collective actions and partnerships are needed to advance environmentally sustainable self-care

•      Discuss considerations for sustainability of health care systems beyond environmental endpoints

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