Monash Sustainable Development Summit

The Monash Sustainable Development Summit is an exciting student-run initiative by the Monash Student Sustainability Association, sponsored by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) and the Monash Office of the Environment and Sustainability.

This Summit will bring together student leaders from a broad variety of fields, in order to create an active student community on campus, dedicated to a sustainable future for Australia and the world. On top of this, the summit will encourage and facilitate relationships, networking, and co-working between students and other stakeholders, including student clubs and societies, faculties, staff and university research institutes.

The Summit will feature:

  • Expert keynote speakers focusing on how we are going to progress on the SDGs
  • Panel session delivered by student leaders
  • Mini-hackathon with prizes and opportunities to develop supported initiatives for 2018.

Lunch will be provided free of charge to all attendees, with vegetarian options available.

Objectives of the Summit:

  • Open your mind to a world of inspiring initiatives that are taking
    steps towards solving global challenges.
  • Link key people and areas at Monash involved in organising extra-
    curricular student activities relating to the SDGs
  • Discover the opportunities at Monash to make an impact
  • networking with other student leaders and stakeholders
  • Learn about innovation and drive towards the SDGs at Monash
  • Brainstorm ideas and join a team in our mini-hackathon

It would be a pleasure to invite you to join us and contribute your voice and ideas to this exciting inaugural event.

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