LOTUS Accredited Professional Trainings

The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and its partners will organise the next LOTUS Accredited Professional (LOTUS AP) Training sessions from 04-05 October in Hanoi and 11-12 October in Ho Chi Minh City.

The LOTUS AP course aims at providing professionals who already possessed experience in green buildings the opportunity to gain an understanding and qualification in LOTUS – the first Green Building Rating System for Vietnam. Upon passing, each participant will be deemed as qualified to participate in the assessment of projects registered for LOTUS Certification.

Since the course aims at certifying qualified professionals, several requirements are applied for enrollment. All participants must:

  • Be experienced professionals working in construction industry
  • Have previous experience in green projects or other green building rating tools


  • Have undertaken at least one training day (i.e. 4 modules) in Green Building Basics if failed to demonstrate previous experience

After undertaking a 2-day LOTUS AP course, the final step in becoming a qualified LOTUS AP is to pass (at least 75%) an online open-book exam on LOTUS and course contents. As candidates pass the exam, they will be recognized as LOTUS Accredited Professionals and a LOTUS AP Certificate will be issued after exam result is confirmed. The LOTUS AP Certificate is valid for 3 years and can be renewable afterward.

The course fee is USD400.00/course/participant -  Payment by bank transfer is preferred.

To register, please click here. Any inquiries, please contact us at: education@vgbc.org.vn

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