+Learn and Feel Experiential Sustainability Training

Learn what sustainability really means for your business and Feel the lasting results!

Recognizing the need for creating an emotional connection to Sustainability on top of the theory, Sustainability Knowledge Group and Values Added join forces to equip Middle East professionals with a new lens for viewing their business!

Shaking up the ‘training-as-usual’ approach, +Learn and Feel immerses professionals in awe-inspiring environments speaking volumes about sustainability.

Drawing from inspiring content and case studies from the region, using fun and educating activities having a real impact in the community, +Learn and Feel is a rare chance for them to learn & feel what sustainability means for their business, stakeholders and society.

Global ILM Recognition

+Learn and Feel builds on the “Stakeholder Management Masterclass”: an essential part of the learning experience, affording participants their “Stakeholder Management Masterclass certificate” from the leading UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), verifying their knowledge and successful completion. Sustainability Knowledge Group is an ILM Recognised Training Provider.



By the end of this 2-days experiential sustainability training, mixing activities-based and masterclass learning, participants will:

  • Acquire a solid understanding of Sustainability and the business case for Sustainability
  • Have the capacity to identify, prioritize, engage with stakeholders and create a plan for engagement
  • Understand the role of stakeholders in Sustainability reporting
  • Understand the nuts and bolts about building Shared Value partnerships and maximize impact from Sustainability initiatives
  • Gain skills on effective communications about Sustainability
  • Understand how to increase internal buy-in, engagement and improve sustainability performance
  • Put in practice the skills required for sustainability in a real life case study driving real impact in the community!
  • Receive guidance to complete post-course assignment for certification in class as part of the training!

Modules Include:

  1. Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Trends in Sustainability
  3. Stakeholder Identification and Prioritisation
  4. Stakeholder Engagement
  5. Sustainability Reporting and Stakeholders
  6. Making the Case for Sustainability
  7. Partnerships and Creating Shared Value
  8. Sustainability Initiatives/ Case Clinic
  9. Communicating Sustainability
  10. Guided Post-course assignment

The format contains though provoking group activities and group dinner. On day 2, participants will be also guided to complete their ILM certification assignment.

While traditional classroom-style trainings helped drive fundamental corporate change over the decades, when it comes to sustainability, a more tangible sense of what it is in practice is needed so it becomes more than just another buzz word for business!

+Learn and Feel invites you to shift from the ‘business-as-usual’ mindset and acquire key experiential learning on Sustainability in a way that is more tangible, innovative and fun!

When: 3rd & 4th February 2016

For more information please visit: https://sustainabilityknowledgegroup.com/event/learn-and-feel-sustainability-training/?instance_id=252

Contact us to register:

Aglaia Ntili, Managing Director Sustainability Knowledge Group (aglaia@sustainabilityknowledgegroup.com)

Nicolas Delaunay, Founder Values Added (nicolas.delaunay@valuesadded.org)

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Aglaia Ntili
[javascript protected email address]

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