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Internal and External CSR Communication in Dubai


Dubai United Arab Emirates

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Learning Objectives: Upon finishing this course, attendees will be trained to address the CSR communication paradox, audit existing CSR initiatives, and develop a strategic communication plan addressing implementation issues, social and environmental impacts, employee treatment across its own supply chain, and displaying its corporate citizenship balancing people, planet and profits using sustainable business practices.

Course Summary
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Citizenship, Triple Bottom Line, and Sustainable Business have all become catchphrases for movements developing within corporations to address the very serious and growing vulnerabilities facing our nation and the world. For simplicity, we will refer to these movements as CSR. CSR includes a company’s social and environmental impacts as well as treatment of employees across its supply chain.

Once thought to be a method for protecting reputation, research has reinforced the business case for CSR and the role it plays in shaping corporate reputation. With multiple stakeholders including NGO’s, governments, the Social Responsible Investment (SRI) community and employees all demanding transparency, communicating CSR is complex.

Corporate communicators frequently find themselves at the center of these movements charged with a continuum of activities from CSR reporting to employee and stakeholder engagement to the initiation of joint ventures.

The course provides an overview of corporate social responsibility, its evolution, various models, metrics and stakeholders as well as key issues in communicating CSR including the use of online communities.

At the end of this course Delegates will:

  • Understand the roots of CSR
  • Understand the critical elements of a CSR initiative
  • Understand the CSR communication paradox
  • Understand the implementation issues of a CSR initiative
  • Develop a strategic communication plan for CSR
  • Audit an existing CSR initiative
  • Understand Internal Communications

Suitability – Who should attend?The Corporate Social Responsibility training course is suitable for:

  • Executives involved in strategic and operational functions, including finance, corporate strategy, human resources, supplier or community relations, and government affairs
  • Senior managers involved in setting up corporate governance or CSR initiatives
  • Corporate lawyers who wish to improve their understanding of new company law developments concerning corporate responsibility
  • PR/Stakeholder managers responsible for their organization’s dealings with the community, their employees and elsewhere
  • Managers involved in developing, implementing and monitoring change programs to improve standards of corporate behavior and business conduct.

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