Integrative Design for Energy Efficiency

This 3-day course examines higher order principles of sustainability, methodologies for improving the design process, and specific techniques for substantially increasing the efficiency of energy and water-using systems. The curriculum focuses on the integrative design process, applied engineering principles, and proven best practices for utilizing energy and water resources more efficiently across different applications. Opportunities for savings include system optimization, sustainable design, equipment elimination , deployment of energy efficient technologies and techniques, and proven best practices. The course is derived primarily from materials developed by the internationally famous Rocky Mountain Institute and its network of consultants and is illustrated with numerous case studies.

Course Objectives:

Understand the basic principals of the integrative design process, plus a comprehensive and practical approach to increasing the efficiency of energy and water-intensive industries and commercial buildings. Deliver concise, practical, relevant information with the highest possible applicability.

Target Audience:

This training is intended for any person who designs, maintains, analyses or retrofits systems, or who leads and manages technical staff in these areas. It assumes that participants already possess a sound understanding of engineering fundamentals and details.

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