Integrated Reporting and G4 Master Class


Sustainability reporting may be already familiar to some companies, while other companies are still beginning to understand it. With integrated reporting (“<IR>”) being introduced, many may ask: How does the two relate to each other? Am I able to choose between the two? The session will be based on the latest version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines (G4), and the Integrated Reporting framework.

GRI is the most established sustainability reporting guideline, and is used extensively locally. We take a practical approach to our training, helping you understand the key points of each framework for you to understand where your firm is at and what the next steps may be. We will also go through carefully selected examples of how different firms have demonstrated features of an integated report.

What you will learn

  1. Overview of both GRI and <IR> frameworks
  2. How GRI and <IR> framework relate to each other
  3. Materiality under GRI and <IR>
  4. Roadmap recommended for companies new to GRI and <IR>, and companies who have already taken steps towards sustainability reporting

Who should attend

  1. Companies who are new to both sustainability reporting and integrated reporting
  2. Companies who want to understand linkages and differences in sustainability reporting and integrated reporting
  3. Companies who want to build on their sustainability reporting to move towards integrated reporting

Why Us

Paia is a specialist sustainability consultancy established in Singapore in 2002. We provide practical solutions, based on detailed knowledge and vast client experience. Paia has been working with a leading company locally on <IR>, developing the necessary core building blocks to produce an Integrated Report. Paia’s expertise in integrating susatinability across business functions, and treatment of long-term issues enable us to help clients where <IR> is most challenging to implement and articulate.

Event Details and Registration

  • Registration and Enquiries: Contact Christian at or +65 3157 6033
  • Venue: 229 Mountbatten Road, Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007
  • Fees: SGD250/person

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