Influencing and Persuasion Skills for Sustainable Energy

Energy efficiency and renewable energy is good for business. It reduces costs, improves the bottom line, boosts productivity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation.

Despite these and other benefits, there are many organisational barriers that make sustainable energy a low priority and limit management support for projects. For example, it may be difficult to access the right decision makers, management may be unaware of the benefits of sustainable energy and/ or other business priorities can limit management attention to sustainable energy projects.

This practical training course is designed to improve the communication, influencing and sales skills of energy management professionals and in-house sustainable energy champions. Successful completion of this training will help participants to obtain the management support and financial resources needed to deliver their sustainable energy services and to implement sustainable energy projects.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the ‘business landscape’ of an organisation to identify the business drivers and triggers that will help progress sustainable energy projects
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis to identify key ‘decision makers’ and ‘influencers’ in the target organisation
  • Deepen knowledge of how decisions are made in organisations
  • Develop a communication and influencing strategy for a suite of services or an individual energy efficiency or renewable energy project
  • Develop and deliver a compelling ‘business case’ to obtain management support and funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

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