Hydrogen as a sustainable energy source & agilent testing solutions

Hydrogen as a sustainable energy source & agilent testing solutions

For decades, Agilent has been providing analytical solutions to the energy and chemical industries. Traditionally this has been for coal, oil, natural gas and their use as chemical feedstocks. Their emission of greenhouse gases and consequent global warming has focused consumers, governments and industry on sustainable sources to mitigate this risk.

Hydrogen has emerged as a promising alternative energy source. When made from water using renewable energy it is free from carbon dioxide emission. Most hydrogen is made by steam methane reforming from natural gas and some by coal gasification. Carbon dioxide emissions from these processes must captured and stored or global warming will worsen.

The need for global transport and storage of bulk hydrogen may be met by a combination of liquefied hydrogen, ammonia and methylcyclohexane (MCH). Hydrogen liquefies at an extremely low temperature requiring cryogenic cooling. While ammonia is easier to liquefy and has a 50% greater volumetric hydrogen density there are challenges with NOx production during energy liberation. MCH has a lower hydrogen density than both liquid hydrogen and ammonia but is a liquid at normal temperature and pressure and could potentially utilize existing petroleum infrastructure.

Agilent products are developed with resource conservation and reducing carbon footprint in mind, enabling you to meet your sustainability goals without compromising results. Our portfolio of gas chromatographs (GC) is independently audited by SMS Collective, LLC (SMSC) and published by My Green Lab, an organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of science.

In this webinar, an 8890 GC with Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector (PDHID) is presented that can quantitate impurities at ultra-trace levels as low as 50 ppb in high purity hydrogen for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell applications for road vehicles.

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