How to Prepare a Best Practice Sustainability Report GRI Certified

A comprehensive two-day GRI certified training program using the new G4 guidelines.

The true test of a good report is not how widely it is read, but how widely it is used by stakeholders.

Unlock the potential for sustainability reporting to drive performance, engage with stakeholders and account for your company’s economic, social and environmental impacts.

You will learn:

  • The business case and value of sustainability reporting
  • The challenges and benefits of sustainability reporting
  • How to engage your stakeholders in reporting
  • How to understand and apply the concept of ‘materiality’
  • About GRI categories, aspects and indicators
  • The requirements for the different GRI G4 reporting levels
  • Innovative formats for sustainability reporting

The workshop program provides you the tools to:

  • Plan your sustainability reporting process
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Distinguish your organisation’s material issues
  • Recognise the internal procedures and mechanisms you will need
  • Incorporate the UN Global Compact Principles into sustainability reporting
  • Understand how Integrated Reporting aligns with the G4 framework
  • Evaluate the quality of sustainability reports using your newly acquired knowledge.

How to Prepare a Best Practice Sustainability Report empowers participants to begin or improve their sustainability reporting using the world’s leading sustainability reporting framework.

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