How facility management contributes to corporate ESG

How facility management contributes to corporate ESG

38% of CO2 is thought to come from buildings. That is why Planon believes Real Estate (RE) & Facility Management (FM) has an enormous role to play in sustainable development now and in our future society. Caretakers of these buildings and their operations can greatly contribute to reducing their carbon footprint – even small steps can add up to great progress!

To get the discussion started on the contribution of RE & FM to corporate ESG, Planon will bring together a panel of experts on Thursday, March 3 at 15:00 GMT to answer some questions that can help you get the conversation flowing in your organisation. For example:

  • How is ESG affecting the role of Facility Management?
  • What conversations around Sustainability should FM/Operations be involved in?
  • What should they bring to the table when speaking about sustainable practices?
  • Where do they see the hidden gems of success for FM and Sustainability?

Don’t miss this one! Register now using the form on this page. You can also send us questions you’d like the panelists to discuss during this roundtable. If this time does not work for you, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording.

Meet our expert panel:

  • Peter Ankerstjerne, Chief Strategy Officer at Planon and Chairman of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • Nathalie Perrier, Building Software VP at Schneider Electric
  • Dean Stanberry, CFM, LEED AP O+M and 2nd Vice-Chair of the Global Board of Directors at IFMA
  • Juliana Beauvais, Research Manager, Enterprise Asset Management and Smart Facilities at IDC
  • Yvette Watson, Co-founder of PHI Factory and The 2B Collective

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