How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour

Building on the themes of recent IF meetings in London and Washington DC, this multi-stakeholder conference will provide focused discussion on how individual businesses can tackle modern slavery in their supply chains and operations.

In the wake of emerging legislation across a range of countries, this conference will assess the impacts on international business operations.

The two days will provide business delegates with the practical tools and in-depth guidance to proactively mitigate risk and effectively respond to discovered cases of slavery.

We will have focused debates and practical guidance on issues including:

  • Emerging legislation and the regulatory environment -How can country-by-country legislation tie together, and enable business to navigate this in an efficient, effective manner?
  • The role of investors in combating modern slavery - How seriously is big finance considering slavery risks, and what are they looking for from business?
  • Responsible recruitment -In-depth case studies of policies and practices already in place, and a look at how these can scale up to global supply chains
  • The NGO perspective - What are the emerging risk areas, and where should business be focusing efforts?
  • Operations, procurement, finance, legal – How do you ensure everyone is onside? A pragmatic look at what works – and what doesn’t – when talking with different departments

We will also have practical working sessions on topics such as:

  • Long- and short-term supplier engagement Practical guidance and best practice advice in how to deal with that bad apple
  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration… A detailed look at what goes into an effective multi-stakeholder partnership. Best practices and lessons learned based on real life examples.
  • If audits don’t reveal slavery in supply chains, then what does? A pragmatic debate around what options exist that complement and go beyond the traditional audit process
  • Supply chain mapping and monitoring How to find your salient high-risk areas, and then what to do once you know
  • Modern Slavery Act statements What does a good statement look like and what can companies learn from the lacklustre response of first year statements.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Lewis Hudson
[javascript protected email address]

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