Greening the City - From Ideas to Actions: Green Drinks Chinese Forum

Incorporating healthy habits into fast-paced modern lifestyles is a challenge. However, various organizations and community groups are striving to create opportunities to make this easy. It can start as simply as inspired friends and neighbors building a passionate community in a residential compound. Eating healthy, being connected with nature, and being a part of a community can not only save the environment, but can save ourselves.

In this event, we will have 3 NGO founders and pioneers who believe environmental practices should not cost extra money or time. Rather, a green lifestyle should promote the fresh ingredients of a healthy lifestyle and a fun and vibrant community life. The forum will give you an opportunity to hear the stories and thoughts on working at the community level in many districts in Shanghai. You might even leave the event wanting to check out one of the nearest community events!

Some questions we would be looking to answer in this forum:

  • How can we foster environmental appreciation to city dwellers who have little interest or experience in the environment?
  • What are some organizations and businesses that promote sustainable lifestyles in Shanghai?
  • What are the benefits of community events to city dwellers?
  • Do city dwellers believe that environmental practices are adding or reducing stress in their lives?

Event Itinerary:

  • 18:00-19:00 Registrations and networking
  • 19:00-20:00 Presentations by the speakers (3-4 speakers for 10-min each)
  • 20:00-20:30 Q&A / Discussions
  • 20:30-21:00 Networking


Yi Xiaowu, Founder, Siye Caotang

Yi Xiaowu works with city residential communities for the adoption of community garden movements, a process that encourages urban dwellers to grow their own flowers and food while connecting with the community. He is also the co-author of the Shanghai community gardens maps. Need more info about this person.

Forest Song, Founder, Vegan Dorm

Forest song is the Founder of Vegan Dorm, an organization dedicated in promoting healthy vegan lifestyles through voluntary and community events. Since its establishment, Vegan Dorm has organized and co-organized community-based vegan activities for 8 years. Need more info about this person.

Ni Huan, Founder, Green Light Year

Ni Huan is the founder of Green Light Year, an NGO that works on environmental awareness and good environmental practices in Shanghai communities. A Chevening Scholar and Cambridge Graduate, she used to work for UNDP, IFC, UNEP FI, and FCO. She is now a Senior Consultant to WWF China. As the first CIGS thin film solar plant civil user of China, she has transformed her home into a green “resort”: an aquaponics system powered by solar energy, a small vertical farm using compost made by her kitchen waste, and a charging station for her EV car. She has been opening her home for the public to experience her green lifestyle and she has created a unique “low carbon tour” for nearly 2000 visitors since 2016.


  • Event will completely in Mandarin.
  • Entrance fee of 30RMB for registered guests and 50RMB for walk-in guests. 20RMB for students (limited seats).
  • Light snacks, beer and refreshments will be served to the attendees.

Please sign up here :

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Bobby Zhou
[javascript protected email address]

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