Green Supply Chain Management

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is seen as a modern concept of management practices attempting to integrate environmental concerns to all stages up and down the supply chain. In a globalised market, the environmental performance criteria extends beyond the single firm to its entire supply chain network across national borders.

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This course aims to identify critical success factors and propose a framework for creating successful GSCM practices in a country with an emerging environmental sensitivity. Best practices, legal implications and performance measurements are illustrated at each stage of the supply chain.


1. Introduction to Green Supply Chain

2. Green Design

3. Green Purchasing

4. Green Production

5. Green Warehousing

6. Green Transportation

7. Green Return


1 day ( 9.00am ~ 5.00pm)


S$250 (inclusive of 7% GST)


Shippers (retailers and manufacturers), 3PLs, Manufacturers, Freight Forwarders, Consultants and Technology Solutions companies, who are taking charge or involved in greening their operations, such as:

VP Supply Chains/ Logistics/ Transportations | Health, Safety & Environment Directors | Heads Of Environment & Sustainability  Energy/ Engineering Managers | Directors Of CSR |Carbon Footprint Advisors | Directors Of Sustainable Development | Heads Of Sustainability | Managers Of Supply Chain | Facilities Managers| Data Centre Suppliers | 3PL Executives | Port Authority Executives | Technology Developers


Contact: Mr Rayson Lee

Telephone: 6826 3086

Fax:  6826 3021

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