Green Drinks April Forum, How Clean is Clean Energy? | Earth Day 2019 Special

Alternative energy sources offer us ways to power homes, businesses and vehicles without having to use fossil fuels. The concept of renewable energy is to use the power of nature to generate electricity for our needs, rather than exploit nonrenewable resources that only further release carbon into the atmosphere, thus accelerating global warming.

But, how clean is clean energy?

While these energy sources create jobs, improve public health, create energy independence, emit less carbon into the atmosphere, it must be noted that whether it is a solar panel or wind turbine – these consume a LOT of resources to build.

Our monthly forum with Andy Klump and Loic Bastard aims to discuss the challenges, opportunities, realities, trade-offs and the future of renewable energy and the industry as a whole.

After Green Initiatives’ 100th film screening, SWITCH, which provides a big picture of the renewable energy space, our forum will explore the questions:

  • What are the resources consumed by the solar and wind industry?
  • Is the solar industry contributing to global warming through the greenhouse gases that emits?
  • How much energy does a wind turbine supply and how harmful it is to the environment?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages for each?
  • How much renewable energy does China use and is China leading compared to other countries?
  • What can we expect from China in the next 10 years?
  • How big a threat does cheap oil pose to both industry (wind and solar)?

Join us to better understand the entire issue shaping the world’s energy needs for the future.

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