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Future of Energy Week

Accelerating Asia’s energy transition

Demand for fossil fuels will likely never return to its pre-pandemic levels. Coal’s share of the global energy supply fell to 27% in 2018, the lowest in 15 years. Oil futures also slumped heavily before mounting a recovery from May 2020. Now, the world is in the midst of an energy shock that has the potential to speed up the shift to a more sustainable economy with energy companies in the driving seat.

Key questions to be discussed:

  • Can they reinvent themselves to lead the change and rewrite the energy narrative, or will they fail to adapt and cause the transition to lag?
  • What is the place of oil and gas in Asia’s energy transition?
  • How are energy companies transforming their businesses for a new energy era?
  • What strategies do they need to adopt and how are businesses adapting to the changing competitive landscape?

At Future of Energy Week, more than 50 speakers will debate and unpack the most pertinent issues for energy companies today, giving you fresh insights and perspectives to support your business strategy.

Join 1500 policymakers, energy experts, business leaders, and scientists to explore what this change means for the world.

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