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Full course on food waste prevention


Bangkok Thailand

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🤔 Why this course?
One-third of all the food produced for human consumption is wasted every year. These 1.3 billion tons of food would be enough to feed 3 billion people. This situation is an absurdity when considering that over 820 million people are suffering from hunger (WHO). Food waste has also a huge environmental impact, knowing the carbon, water, chemical, and land footprint of agriculture. From an economic perspective, the BCG estimates that this global food waste issue is worth $1.2 trillion but also represents a $700 billion opportunity.

3*3-hour Immersive Modules
💙 Module 1: The 1.6 Billion Tons Crisis 💙
- The economic, social, and environmental implications of food waste. Food loss and waste along the supply chain, circular economy, and food efficiency.

💙 Module 2: KPIs, Performance and Food Waste Monitoring System 💙
- Metrics, KPIs, and the necessary new ways to assess F&B performance. How to set up an efficient food waste prevention system, tools, and practices.

💙 Module 3: Innovative Solutions to Food Waste 💙
- Innovation, technologies, and international standards on food waste

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Module 1 👉đŸģ January 14, 2021
Module 2 👉đŸģ January 21, 2021
Module 3 👉đŸģ January 28, 2021

⏱ Each Module is LIVE from 2 to 5 PM (Bangkok Time) ⏱

🧐 Upon completing this full course, you will be able to:
- Approach food waste as a systemic issue
- Recognize and describe the main food waste generation points along the supply chain
- Interpret performance metrics used in measuring the food efficiency of F&B operations
- Gather and interpret food waste data
- Use and apply tools and techniques in order to minimize food waste in F&B operations
- Make informed recommendations
- Apply Zero Food Waste to Landfill principles
- Learn to use and prioritize food waste solutions based on the pyramid
- Identify relevant food waste solution providers

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