European Green Steel Summit 2023

European Green Steel Summit 2023

The steel industry is one of the main sources of CO2 emissions, and the “green revolution” in the steel industry is vital for the earth’s climate. Europe is the early adopter of green technology in different sectors, as well as the steel industry. According to McKinsey, in a net zero scenario, the global demand for steel would increase about 10 per cent higher in 20250 than today, with almost 100 per cent of production shifting to low-carbon steel.

Besides, more and more end-users demand low-carbon materials like steel. Among the industries: automotive, construction, infrastructure, home appliance and so on. Therefore, the demand for green steel keeps increasing. However, there are still many barriers to adopting green techs in the steel industry, such as the high cost of investment, less developed technology, and few successful and practical business models.

In this context, the European Green Steel Summit 2023 will bring together the most representatives from the leading companies in the steel industry, and share the latest and most practical measures for green steel.

Hot topics

  • Moving towards Zero-Emission Steel
  • Fossil Fuel-Free ‘Green’ Steel, Reshape the Future of Steel
  • Smart Carbon Usage: A New Pathway of Decarbonation Plan
  • Necessary Certification for Green Steel Industry Development
  • Panel Discussion: How to Build a Holistic Green Steel Industry Chain
  • A Vision for the Future of Steel-Enabled Sustainable Construction
  • Fossil-free Steel for Net-Zero Truck Building
  • Use Low-carbon Steel in Car Parts
  • Green Steel Made Home Appliances Satisfy the Greene Needs of Consumers
  • Create a Low-carbon Circular Economy Industry Chain for Steel Industry
  • The Role and Potential of CCUS for Steel Industry
  • Carbon2Chem Solution Achieves Multiple Uses of Carbon
  • Impact of Hydrogen DRI on EAF Steelmaking
  • Digitalisation Enables Completely Different Ways of Working in Steelmaking, and Create a High Efficiency and Low Pollution Steel Industry

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