European Green Copper Summit 2024

European Green Copper Summit 2024

This event will have more than 16 keynote speakers sharing their expertise from leading enterprises in the global copper industry including associations, consulting firms, copper mining, manufacturing, recycling and application.

Copper plays a crucial role as a fundamental raw material in the transition to clean energy, the development of EVs, power grids, energy storage and so on. With its extensive application in decarbonisation technologies, the global demand for copper is anticipated to rise leading up to 2050.

According to McKinsey, the global shift toward electrification is projected to raise the annual demand for copper to 36.6 million tonnes by 2031, a significant increase from the current demand of approximately 25 million tonnes. Consequently, it becomes imperative to guarantee the accessibility of environmentally friendly and sustainable copper to fulfil this growing demand. In Europe, for the low carbon goal, several policies and regulations promote the development of green copper, such as the existing EU legislative framework for chemicals and products, the forthcoming EU Critical Raw Materials Act and the Net Zero Industry Act.

The low-carbon copper sector aims to enhance energy efficiency in processing facilities, adopt cleaner mining technologies, and explore innovative methods for low-carbon copper production. The push toward sustainability is motivated not only by environmental considerations but also by the expanding demand for environmentally friendly products and the integration of green practices into business strategies.

This summit aims to gather about 150 copper industry experts to discuss the latest technologies and business models for low-carbon copper, the topics will refer to green copper mining, innovative low-carbon smelting, copper recycling, green copper application and so on. This summit aims to shape the industry towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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