European Green Aluminum Summit 2023

European Green Aluminum Summit 2023

The European Green Aluminium Summit 2023 will take aluminium sustainable development as the theme, combined with the best practices of enterprises, hot topics about green aluminium trends, sustainable roadmap, carbon emissions reduction from upstream to downstream, renewable energy, inert anode, CCUS technology, closed-loop recycling, decarbonisation solutions, etc. will be discussed, aiming to provide new reference for aluminium related enterprises to net zero and develop sustainably.

Hot topics

  • 2023 European Green Aluminium Trends and Challenges
  • Sustainability Roadmap — European Green Aluminium Promotes European Green Transition
  • Beyond Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Footprint Reduction Practice in Carbon Negative Production Era
  • Address Emissions across the Upstream Value Chain to Reach Net Zero Future
  • Hydrogen-rich Energy Gas Contributing to Climate-Neutral Aluminium Production amid Ongoing Energy Crisis
  • Inert Anode Technology — Making Net Zero Aluminium Possible
  • Closing the Loop on Aluminium Scrap to Minimise Carbon Emissions
  • How do Automotive Upcycle Aluminium to Slash Carbon Emissions Net Zero
  • Low-carbon Beverage Cans Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Packaging


  • More than 15 keynote speeches on sharing the best cases, including on-site Q&A sessions, brought together the latest global trend cases
  • Conduct direct and in-depth on-site communication with more than 150 key industry decision-makers to find opportunities for further cooperation
  • Combine online promotion with offline promotion to enhance brand influence


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