Energy Transition

Energy Transition

This time-effective course is designed to provide business decision-makers with a comprehensive overview of the energy transition: what it means, the technological solutions which will compete and coexist, and the policy and practical factors which will determine deployment pathways.

For anyone involved in strategy, business or product development, or simply those wanting to understand the wider context in which they work, an independent and hype-free perspective on energy transition issues provides a critical framework in which to base good decision-making. This course provides exactly that, explaining the various strands of the energy transition picture not in isolation, but so that attendees can understand how they fit together, link and interact.

Following a review of the energy transition thus far, including current trends and rates of change, attendees will discuss the key drivers and motivations for key players from industry to policy. They will learn how processes of ‘electrification’ are central to both energy transition pathways and current energy market disruption, along with the limits to those processes.

They will assess which clean fuels exist and are emerging as an alternative where direct electricity use proves impossible or uneconomic. Finally, they will understand the extent to which carbon capture, utilisation and storage may play a role in cleaning up where fossil fuels prove harder to shift – and as the solution which can put the ‘net’ into net zero.

Course sessions

  1. The changing energy mix and pathways to net zero
  2. Electrification: its drivers, applications and limitations
  3. Sources and applications of ‘clean fuels’
  4. Carbon capture and storage: a lifeline for fossil fuel producers?

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the changing market context of your energy-related business, including new competitors, emerging opportunities and risks
  • Gain an independent, hype-free and ‘joined up’ view of the variety of energy transition technologies and pathways
  • Learn how the evolution of primary and final energy sources is progressing
  • Examine published pathways and scenarios to achieve net zero
  • Discuss electrification and its limits (including minerals, money and the grid)
  • Assess the challenges of balancing the future grid, to integrate ‘variable’ electricity supply
  • Examine the options available for clean fuels, including hydrogen and ‘e-fuels’ (e.g. sustainable aviation and shipping)
  • Understand the role of carbon capture, storage and/or utilisation alongside electrification and clean fuels


“Thank you very much for the highly informative trainings. I am very much pleased with how the organiser is very accommodating and responsive on every request. Thank you again and see you soon in the upcoming course.”

- ib vogt

“I have learnt quite a lot and the pace of the presentation was excellent. Thanks for the great course.”

- Sasol

“It was a good course, with a broad coverage of the topic and good balance of technical and practical concepts. Materials provided were very useful.”


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Emilia Mok
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