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Eco Action Day 2021: The Future of Work



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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the global economy, causing ripple effects throughout all aspects of our lives. While companies grapple with how best to respond to the complex challenges posed by the pandemic, questions are emerging on the future of work in this new normal.

How has the pandemic changed the way we view successful business models? With the United Nations calling for a green recovery, how can governments and companies build back better? With the newly unveiled Singapore Green Plan, how can wider Singapore society capitalise on opportunities in sustainability to upskill themselves and contribute to a resilient future?

This 3rd June, the annual Eco Action Day forum will convene the leading thinkers from government, business, and civic society to discuss the future of decent work in the region, and how we can create better workplaces while driving sustainability outcomes. Organised by Eco-Business and supported by Ricoh, Eco Action Day 2021 - ‘The future of work’ will offer a lively public discussion on the role that all stakeholders can play to address this important issue.

Asia Pacific's Hub For Collaboration On Sustainable Development
An Eco-Business initiative
The SDG Co