Developing & Delivering Geothermal Power Projects

Key learning objectives

  • A comprehensive, commercially-focused understanding of the geothermal power development processes, from resource assessment through to construction and operation;
  • Clear explanations of the key aspects of geothermal technology – resources, exploration, drilling and plant operations, using clear language suited to senior commercial people and non-engineers;
  • The market economic and commercial aspects of geothermal energy, from both the wider economic conditions to specific project features such as EPC contracting and PPA arrangements;
  • The key processes, phases and risk factors in individual geothermal projects
  • Quantifying the key learning points through interactive exercises and illustrations, including a geothermal project feasibility and an excel-based financial plan

Course Introduction

Geothermal power has been something of the “poor relation” in renewable energy growth, the industry adding capacity at only 1-2% per year. Yet MIT recently suggested that geothermal capacity in the US alone could potentially be 100,000 MW within the next 50 years; and this from an energy source that provides a reliable, highly productive, cost-competitive baseload source of electricity.

The key barriers to geothermal investment and growth lie in its unusual risk profile, long development timeframes and a “two businesses in one” project structure: the uncertainties of geological exploration and drilling followed by the steady, long-term returns of utility power generation.

This course provides an unrivalled, independent introduction to the geothermal energy business, leading attendees through the process from exploration and development, to project execution and financial planning. It is led by Hezy Ram, an expert with over 20 years’ experience of developing, delivering and raising finance (~$2bn) for such projects.

Level, Style & Content

  • The course presents a range of scientific, technical and financial concepts, but all explained in a clear, business-friendly manner which assumes no prior level of expertise;
  • Information is delivered throughout in an informal, interactive manner, fully encouraging questions and discussion
  • In addition to presented material, the course makes use of video and web-based examples, along with an excel-based geothermal cash-flow model (it is recommended that attendees bring an excel-equipped laptop to the course)

Who will benefit

This course is aimed at business-focused people from a wide variety of backgrounds both within and beyond the geothermal industry, who seek a good fundamental and integrated understanding of the key technological and commercial features of geothermal energy projects.

  • CXOs and Company Directors
  • Heads of Business Development, Strategy and Policy
  • Project Team Leaders
  • Market and Financial Analysts
  • Heads of Market & Product Development


  • Investors, including Banks, Funds and Private Equity
  • Policymakers and Energy Planners
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Project Developers
  • Power Utilities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Lawyers
  • Large Energy Consumers
  • Power Plant Technology Vendors
  • Drilling & Exploration Service Companies
  • Consulting and Research Providers

Supporting materials you will receive:

  • Hard and soft copies of presented material
  • A list of sources & data used and for further reading and study
  • An excel-based cash flow and financial modelling spreadsheet
  • Electronic materials provided on a USB memory stick
  • A certificate of attendance

Why Choose Green Power Academy?

  • Unique courses that can’t be found anywhere else
  • CPD certified
  • Over 1250 delegates already trained
  • Class sizes limited to ensure enough one to one time with the course lecturer
  • Latest case studies and examples used
  • Interactive class sessions
  • Courses held at 4-5 star hotels in central city locations

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