CSR Leadership World 2014

CSR Leadership World 2014 will be held at the mean time with the 26th International Business Leaders Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai (IBLAC).

Main themes of this conference would be including Status Quo & Future Trend – China and the World, Business Model Innovation – Sustainovation, From Strategy to Execution and Branding and Communication. A maximum of 350 high-level participants are expected from both the public and private sectors - including Policy and Legislation Makers, C-level Business Leaders, and chief representative from civil society and foundations, best-selling book authors and other related industry experts.

We do our best work to provide solution chains to your problems and challenges by interacting with the industry frontier’s executives and opinion leaders so as to shape an agenda which is most-in-need! We listen to your needs and we work together with you.

Here is our current confirmed CLW2014’s “Think Tank” , who have kindly contributed their valuable opinions and suggestions to make CSR Leadership World 2014 more practically beneficial and intellectually challenging which helps to boost the industry.

CSR Leadership World 2014 acts as education and networking platform to connect CSR and Sustainability with your strategy, brand, innovation and execution which helps you delivers significant, quantifiable, triple bottom-line benefits and stay ahead of your competitors!

Keywords of CIF2014:

Business Model Innovation – Sustainovation

Tailor-made Sustainable CSR strategy Stakeholder Engagement 3.0Data-driven

Integrated ReportingG4, GRICFO-Proven ROI MethodsCSR and DigitalCross Border Cooperation

Next Generation Leaders Align CSR and Sustainability with your BrandEHSClimate Change

Product and Environment Stewardship The Financial Side of Sustainability Supply ChainManagement

Beyond ComplianceConsumer Engagement and TransparencyCircularEconomy

Forum Key Topics

CSR Leadership World 2014 – Sustainable CSR Sustainable Future

Past, Present, Prospect

●Spotlight on the Development of CSR and Sustainability in China

●Global Insight: A Deep Dive into CSR and Sustainability

- Status Update and Emerging Trends

- Driving Force in the Next Five Years

- How Chief Executives Position CSR And Evaluate The Value Of CSR

- CSR 2020

●Chinese Business Leaders Attention: CSR and Sustainability Roadmap for your GO-OUT strategy

●Oversea Enterprise Blueprints: How to Leverage CSR to Enter Chinese Market Successfully

From Strategy to Execution

●Redefine CSR – How to Solve the Toughest Problems in a most Profitable Way

●Why and How to Place Sustainability at the Heart of Business Strategies and Operations

●Data-driven Strategy: Tailor-made Sustainable CSR strategy & Build-up Sound Management System

●Climate Change Strategy

●Carbon Disclosure Project in China

●Re - think, Re - examine, Re - structure your CSR System and Strategy

●Community Investment and Partner Identification

●The Financial Side of Sustainability: ESG and GHG Emission

●CSR3.0 - Next Big Challenge: Call for a Joint Industry to Scale up Positive Impacts

●Address the Challenges in Supply Chain: Building Shared Value

●Emerging Technologies in Environmental Management

●Digital and CSR

●Circular Economy

Branding, Marketing, Communication and Engagement

●Align CSR and Sustainability with Your Brand

●Stakeholders Engagement 3.0

●Employee Empowerment through Culture Innovation

●Cause Marketing

●GRI’s New Sustainability Reporting Guidelines: G4

●Consumer-driven Innovation, Consumer Education and Consumer Engagement

●Management Board and Shareholder Engagement: Proven Skills to Gain a Buy-in


Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Isabella Hsu
[javascript protected email address]

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