Corporate Responsibility Training (5-day) IEMA Approved Course

Our five-day public-run Corporate Responsibility Training course is for managers, academics, consultants and auditors seeking a solid grounding in corporate responsibility, and those seeking to move into the CR field.

It was the first public CR training in the world to be recognised by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) to its latest training criteria. Successful completion of the course allows the participant to enroll in the CSAP Programme (overseen by AccountAbility (read more on the AccountAbility website)).

Each of the modules within the Corporate Responsibility Training are IEMA approved.

Sustainability is fundamental to modern-day business. By operating sustainably, business can not only alleviate its negative impacts on society and the environment, it can stimulate positive change. But what does it mean to operate sustainably? How can business secure competitive advantage through sustainability? How should companies tell their sustainability story and interact meaningfully with their stakeholders? How can companies maximise the value of their assurance?

Our Corporate Responsibility Training courses answers all these questions and more. Delivered by sustainability experts, this vibrant suite of carefully curated courses brings to life the myriad concepts within the umbrella of sustainability, spurring innovation, collaboration and cross-learning. By bringing together the latest insights, trends and guidelines, we equip you with the most effective tools to manage your sustainability strategy.

Why attend?

Hundreds of delegates have completed our certified corporate responsibility training since its launch in 2008. Companies who’ve sent staff on the course include BAE Systems, BSI, The Co-operative, Deloitte, Eni, Ernst & Young, Guardian News & Media, Nestlé, Nokia, PwC, RBS, SGS, SK Telecom and Vodafone.

So why should you attend if you are a…

  1. CR or Sustainability Manager
  2. Communications Professional
  3. Procurement Professional
  4. Auditor
  5. Academic
  6. Consultant
  7. Senior Executive
  8. HR or Training Managers

Course details

The course is delivered through a mixture of lectures, practical exercises and small group discussion. Each module includes case studies and exercises based on leading companies. Modules include a brief assessment exercise such as a quiz or practical team exercise to ensure understanding. The course is broken into four modules:

1. Fundamentals of Sustainability

Sustainability is rapidly developing as the world around us evolves. As our climate fluctuates and our population swells, societal pressures shift, supply chains stretch, and environmental resources are discovered and exploited. All the while, new sustainability issues emerge and business priorities fluctuate to accommodate this shifting landscape.

Delivered by sustainability experts, this interactive one-day course on the fundamentals of sustainability explores the meaning of sustainability, its background, and the business case for making it a priority, using real world examples and dynamic group exercises. Find out all you need to know about best practice in corporate responsibility and sustainability, and keep abreast of emerging trends and hot topics. Understand the relationship between sustainability, corporate responsibility and accountability and dive into the leading sustainability guidelines: your toolkit for effective sustainability management.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is nothing new, and in fact, most businesses communicate with key stakeholder groups on a daily basis. Structured stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues can generate information that has huge value in shaping and influencing company strategy.

Delivered by experts in stakeholder engagement, our highly interactive one-day course will help you see your company through your stakeholders’ eyes. Explore the different approaches to effective and meaningful stakeholder engagement, and develop an understanding of the risks and benefits associated with engaging on key sustainability challenges. Through a series of exercises, you will use real-word examples to discover the link between stakeholder engagement and business success.

3. Masterclass in Sustainability Reporting

How do you tell your sustainability story in a way that is accurate, authentic and engaging? Effective communication of your social and environmental impacts provides stakeholders with compelling evidence of your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. But as the reporting landscape continues to shift, companies face with an ever expanding array of choices. Which frameworks and standards should be used? How should materiality assessments be conducted and conveyed? How should targets and KPIs be developed and communicated? What are the benefits of online reporting, versus traditional print?

Learn from the leaders at our one-day masterclass in sustainability reporting. With our expert insight, and through a series of engaging exercises, you’ll become familiar with the main reporting standards and guidelines, including the newly released GRI G4 guidelines and the Integrated Reporting Framework. Find out all you need to know about conducting a materiality assessment, and explore the effectiveness of leading companies’ reports. You’ll leave with the tools and knowledge required to tell your story in an engaging, credible and authentic way.

4. Independent Assurance

Sustainability assurance provides an independent review over the non-financial information disclosed by companies, and the processes by which this information is gathered. It demonstrates reliability, integrity and transparency - three fundamental ingredients to successful and reputable business - and reassures stakeholders that the account of performance presented by the company is indeed reliable and complete.

But there’s a lot more to assurance than the statement printed at the back of a report. Delivered by expert sustainability assurors, this two-day course shines a spotlight on the benefits and principles underlying sustainability assurance. Why do leading companies increasingly look to their assurors’ recommendations to help drive performance improvements and evolve their sustainability strategies? Through a series of engaging workshops you will discover how to maximise the value of your assurance process, and you will collaborate with peers to navigate the various different standards, levels and types of assurance.

The Trainers - Ms Tracy Oates, Consultant Two Tomorrows UK

This course is conducted in collaboration with Two Tomorrows​ (a DNV GL company) based in the United Kingdom. The training is delivered by expert practitioners with many years of experience of working and advising on sustainability and CSR programmes for major companies.

Delegates will benefit from their many years of experience across all main industry sectors. They’ll also get the chance to build connections with their peers and exchange ideas and experiences in a relaxed setting.​

The CSAP Programme

Successful completion of the course leads to an AccountAbility-approved certificate. The course fulfils the training requirements to apply for the Associate level of the Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) programme. It also contributes significantly towards the requirements of becoming a CSAP or Lead CSAP. For further details on the CSAP programme or the application process, please see the AccountAbility​ website or contact AccountAbility directly.

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