China Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022

China Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022

The global fashion industry is entering an era of sustainable and circular development and is still exploring effective paths to solve environmental pollution problems caused by long-term development.

The sudden Covid-19 crisis has strengthened the awareness of sustainable development issues from the country to the public, and the transformation and upgrading of the fashion industry have to be accelerated. As a global textile centre and the core of the supply chain, China has a huge consumer market.

The reform of the circular industry chain and the circular economy practice in the domestic textile industry will face more challenges and opportunities. Sustainable fashion is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Chinese textile and apparel industry.

The environmental impact caused by the industry, the rise of green consumption, and the voice of the era of sustainable development, urgently requires different stakeholders in the industry to take practical actions to accelerate the implementation of circular fashion economic development.

At the same time, the innovative opportunities contained in the circular fashion economy can give the industry new economic growth points in the context of the global economic slowdown.

Driven by both pressure and opportunities, China will enter a new stage of rapid development in the future, further releasing the potential of the international and domestic markets.

This forum will invite 15 experts from all aspects of the fashion industry to give keynote speeches to interpret the practical cases of sustainable fashion development from different perspectives of the clothing, footwear, and beauty industry and various ends of the industry chain, and jointly discuss the development of sustainable fashion in China.


  • Weaving the Sustainable Development Goals into the Textile, Retail and Apparel Industry
  • 100 per cent Recyclable Sustainable Product Case Study
  • ESG: Fashion Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Goals
  • Create a New Clothing and Footwear Supply Chain to Achieve Sustainable Development of the Industry
  • Sustainable Development Strategy and Case Implementation of Beauty Brands
  • IKEA Sustainability Strategy in China Market
  • The Sustainable Development of Chinese Fashion Brands
  • Digital Technology Empowers Sustainable Development in Fashion Industry
  • Interpretation of the China Fashion Industry Sustainability Transparency Index 2021
  • Product Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Management on Textile and Clothing
  • The Sustainable Development Strategy of a Green Textile Factory
  • Sustainable Fashion, Responsible Logistics
  • The Promoting Effect of the Zero Fur Action on the Fashion Sustainability Development of under the “Double Carbon” Policy
  • UNIQLO “Paid” Recycling Program to Help Chemical Recycling
  • Case Study on Sustainable Fabrics

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