China Green Adhesive and Sealant Summit 2013

Adhesive & sealant is widely used in a variety of industries including packaging, construction, automotive, aerospace, tape & labels, woodworking and furniture footwear and other downstream markets. With the gradual deepening of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan and increasing demand for energy saving, environmental protection, safety and green manufacturing, it is a irreversible trend to expedite the transition of adhesive &sealant industry to be environmental-oriented. It is obvious that the adhesive & sealant with high-VOCs and high-toxicant have been gradually taken over by eco-friendly and high-performance adhesives, like non-solvents-based, water-based, epoxy-based, hot-melt-based etc. However, the adhesive & sealant industry is still confronted with many bottlenecks and challenges, such as continuous price increase of raw materials, short product lifecycle, technological limitation, use of renewable resources, and recyclability etc.

Focusing on green manufacturing products, technology, processes, best practices, accelerating green and sustainable development in adhesive & sealant industry, the upcoming China Green Adhesive & Sealant Summit 2013 would be bringing together leaders and experts from across the industries from upstream to downstream, where topics like scientific perspective, securing raw material sourcing, regional regulation and technologies based on renewable raw materials, market innovation in adhesive & sealant industry etc, are to be well discussed.

This upcoming summit would also serve as a great platform for industry communication, innovative and advanced technology & product solutions sharing and business profile raising etc. Participation and support from any related companies, associations and government.

Summit Highlights:

  • Energy efficiency and emission reduction in adhesive & sealant industry
  • Polyurethane adhesives and sealants and sustainable development
  • PSA and advanced technologies for Improved PSA properties
  • Green chemistry & supply chain management
  • Durability, sustainability and reliability of Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives
  • Structural adhesive bonding in automotive industry
  • Innovative adhesive dispensing system—- increasing efficiency in Manufacturing
  • Tape & Labels: Green Adhesives
  • Advanced silane solutions for adhesives & sealants
  • Innovative solutions to overcome the limited availability and price increases of some traditional polymers

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

James Chan
[javascript protected email address]

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