China carbon neutral factory & maintenance summit 2022

China carbon neutral factory & maintenance summit 2022

Summit Highlights

  • How Can Industry Set Standardized, Achievable Emissions Targets and Integrate Them into Its Strategy 企业如何制定标准化的、可实现的排放目标,并将其与战略相结合
  • How Energy Players are Competing to Make an Agile Transition to a Low-Carbon Future 能源企业如何竞争,以迅速过渡到低碳未来
  • Bridging the Gap in the Clean Energy Transition & Finance, Policies and Actions for Scaling Investment 填补清洁能源转型和资金缺口, 扩大投资的政策和行动
  • Going All Green - Adding Renewables to the Energy Mix 走向绿色 - 将可再生能源加入到能源结构中
  • Advanced Microgrid Solutions Accelerate the Development of Smart Grid 先进微电网解决方案,为智能电网发展赋能加速
  • Why and How Industrial Sized Demand Side Response (DSR) Decarbonize Power System, and Enables Industry to become both Consumer and Generator 工业规模的需求侧响应(DSR)为什么和如何脱碳电力系统,并使工业成为消费者和电力生产者
  • Electrification, Challenges & Opportunities Associated with Increased Electrification of Industrial Processes 电气化-扩大工业过程电气化的挑战和机遇
  • Systematical Approach to Lower Emissions with Particular Focus on Scope 1&2 Emissions and Measures to Ensure both Environmental and Economic Sustainability 特别关注范围1和2的系统性的降低排放方法和措施,以确保环境和经济的可持续性
  • Reduce Carbon Emission and Costs with the Power of AI and ML to Achieve Full Environmental Potential 借助人工智能和机器学习降低碳排放和成本达到发挥环保的最大潜能
  • Harness the Crucial Role of Operational Resource Efficiency and the Road to Sustainabilit 发挥运作资源效率的关键作用与可持续发展之路
  • Advanced Energy Performance Benchmarking for Automotive Factories 汽车工厂先进的能源性能标杆
  • The Decarbonization Index (DKI) – a KPI for the whole vehicle life cycle 脱碳指数(DKI) -车辆整个生命周期的关键绩效指标
  • How Green Digitalization Acts a a Driver of Decarbonization 绿色数字化如何成为脱碳的推动力
  • Secondary Raw Materials through Cross Industry Waste Symbiosis 通过跨行业废物共生产生二次原料
  • Implementation of a Chemicals Strategy Towards Non-Toxic Material Cycles for Sustainability and Circular Economy 实施化学品战略达到无毒材料循环以实现可持续发展和循环经济
  • Panel Discussion: How do Companies Tackle Scope 3 Emissions, Practices and Solutions for a Zero Carbon Future Supply Chains to Reduce End User Emission 小组讨论:企业如何应对范围3的排放,零碳未来供应链的实践和解决方案,以减少最终用户的排放
  • Industrial Symbiosis as a Pathway Towards Carbon Neutrality – What are the Obstacles, Drivers and Future Way Forward 工业共生作为实现碳中和的一种手段, 其中的障碍、动力和未来发展方向
  • Partnering with Suppliers to Deliver Carbon Neutral 与供应商合作实现碳中和
  • Potentials of Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Factory Systems 氢技术在可持续工厂系统中的潜力
  • Methods of Wasted Chemical Reuse, and Its Enormous Emmision-Reducing & Economical Potential 废弃化学品再利用的方法, 以及大力促进减排和其中的经济潜力Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Digital Waste Management to Achieve Zero Waste to Landfill 数字化废物管理,实现垃圾填埋零废物

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

James Chen
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