China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2022

China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2022

Climate and environmental change are among the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Many environmental protection policies have been put forward by governments in response to the increasingly severe environmental problems.

In Europe, 19 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions come from the automotive sector, according to PwC. In China, the target of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality has brought new challenges and opportunities to all walks of life. The automotive industry is one of the main fields of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

With the continuous increase of automotive ownership in China, the development of a low-carbon and environmental-friendly automotive industry is imperative.

In order to realise the goal of “peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality”, the automotive industry should not only rely on “electricity replace oil,” but also integrate the industrial chain, select low-carbon and environment-friendly materials, use green production and manufacturing process, improve the energy utilisation efficiency of the automotive itself, use clean energy power, perfect automotive recycling system, conduct management and control from the whole life cycle of products, so as to build a true “zero carbon automotive.”

The China Automotive Carbon Neutral Summit 2022 will bring together more than 150 industry experts and executives to discuss how to reduce the overall carbon emission through various energy conservation and emission reduction measures in the automotive industry under the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, achieve the Double Carbon Targets within the planned time and build an internationally competitive low-carbon and environment-friendly high-quality vehicle.



  • China’s carbon neutrality policy: New requirements for the development of the automotive industry
  • Promote low-carbon business model of industrial carbon neutrality and whole industrial chain cooperation by automotive motorisation
  • Green hydrogen energy manufacturing leads a new round of energy reform
  • How to Achieve Zero Emission in Automotive Smart Factory to Promote Automotive Carbon Neutral
  • Cleaning low-carbon energy network helps the development of automotive industry

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