China & Asia Textile Forum 2015 and China Green Textile Summit 2015

Textile industry is a traditional industry with rapid changes. In the varying environment, what concerns manufacturers are products, technology, investment fields; and who should buyers turn to for production, how to audit and manage, etc., as these are all the industry’s continued focuses. The conference tries to share and discuss a variety of topics to help you avoid the risks and find opportunities. Meanwhile, it is also a platform for exchanges, communication and mutual assistance.

Summit Highlights:

  • The Overall Situation of Import and Export of China’s Textile Industry in 2014 and Its Development Trend
  • The Overall Situation of China’s Textile Industry and the 13th Five-year Plan
  • The Latest Progress of TPP
  • The Latest Progress RCEP and Its Impact on the Asian Textile Industry
  • Panel Discussion:2015 Asian Textile Industry Prospects
  • How Should We Adapt to the Changing Asian Textile Industry, and Realize an Effective Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • The Latest Trends and Opportunities of Global Textile Sourcing
  • Panel discussion: How Should Chinese Textile Enterprises Adapt to the New Situation Changes, and Constantly Enhance Their Competitiveness
  • The New Situation of EU Textile and Apparel Trade
  • Using the Latest Textile Technology to Improve the Competitiveness of Enterprises
  • Panel Discussion: Issues, Strategies and Trends in Asian Textile and Apparel Sourcing under the New Situation
  • Cross-border E-commerce, the New Channel of Textile Products Import and Export
  • Ethical Sourcing, Corporate Social Responsibility Audit and Sustainable Development
  • Panel Discussion: How to Achieve Green and Responsible Sourcing in China and Even Asia
  • The Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Textile Corporation Under the New Situation

More details, please visit our official website:

China & Asia Textile Forum 2015 website


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