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Carbon-neutral shipping: Let's get our act together



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As a shipper, your carbon emissions from sea-borne container shipping are expected to increase as the global economy continues to grow. Even though ocean shipping is by far the least emissions-intensive mode of transport supporting global trade, it accounts for around 3 per cent of global carbon emissions. This is why each and every one of us have an important role to play in achieving carbon-neutral shipping.

As a world leader in shipping and logistics, the CMA CGM Group spares no effort in exploring measures which help our customers ship globally yet sustainably. To preserve air quality and fight climate change, we are accelerating energy transition in our roadmap to decarbonise sea-borne container shipping. The CMA CGM Group is heading towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

How are we doing that to ensure our shippers can ship sustainably? Find out more information about our webinar by clicking here.

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