People, Communities and Sustainable Urbanisation

‘People, Communities and Sustainable Urbanisation’ is the society-focused module of the Sustainable Urbanisation International Leadership Programme, which offers a series of 5-day modules at top-level universities; TU Delft, University of Oxford, Peking University, INSEAD, and Copenhagen Business School. Learn more about the programme and the other modules at

Sustainability is an inherent challenge to cities. The challenge arises at various levels of society, and facing it means facing many different challenges.

There are many definitions of sustainability, and the first challenge is therefore to understand the problem at hand. Successfully developing and implementing effective sustainability practices requires going beyond the definitions and finding appropriate tools and business models for sustainable development. A second challenge is that practice is always contextual; one sustainable practice may work in one city but not in another. There are specific physical, cultural, social, economic and political contexts embedded in practice. A third challenge is getting different stakeholders (with different agendas) to work together. By studying people within the context of sustainability in Denmark, you will gain a view of how the Danes have successfully addressed these challenges and many more, and learn tools that apply to your own context.

Why take this module?

  • Understand the complexity of sustainable development in urban contexts
  • Acquire frameworks, business models and tools to successfully address sustainability challenges, from both business and city perspectives
  • Interact in an international environment with participants who face similar challenges, and benefit from learning about each other’s experiences

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