Blockchain for Social Impact: Green Drinks January Forum

Most of us have heard about Bitcoin. And for the few who haven’t, in a nutshell, Bitcoin is a form of virtual currency with actual purchasing power, and whose value varies with market conditions. But what’s even more interesting to know is the technology that powers Bitcoin.

‘Blockchain’ is a highly secure way to structure data. It is considered to be a coding breakthrough since it allows stakeholders to create shared databases across a network of computers without need for a central authority. Experts say it has the power to ‘shake up the world’, help reduce bureaucracy and fraud, increase organisational transparency, and enable tracking of products’ origin and movement, among other benefits.

So what are some current applications of Blockchain? Who are some of the companies already using it to increase their impact? Who are the movers and shakers in the industry? Are their potential pitfalls?

Join us for our first Green Drinks monthly forum of 2018, for an evening with researchers, experts and practitioners of Blockchain to hear how revolutionary this technology is and how it can be used to maximise social impact!

Note: Event will be completely in English.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Green Initiatives
[javascript protected email address]

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