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Best Practices in Design and Installation of Rooftop Solar PV System


New Delhi India

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Low performance and poor operational condition is one of the biggest issues a solar PV power plant faces in India. Even at over 3.0GW of installed capacities, systems are still under performing, whether that’s due to poor site selection, system design faults, frequent equipment failure, low solar irradiation or unplanned grid failures. Some of these issues are external and often not in the hands of the system designer but most of them are because of poor design practices or incomplete understanding.

GSES Training program on Solar PV Best Practices aims to address issues with system design and provide industry professionals, PV engineers, system designers or anyone else involved with designing/ implementing grid connected PV systems with key tools, do’s & don’ts and tips to help optimize their system design.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Global best practices in solar PV design and installation
  2. System design process and component selection as per IEC 62548.
  3. Impact of accuracy, reliability of solar radiation data on the plant performance.
  4. Site Assessment & planning for different building rooftops & ground mounted systems
  5. Matching array & inverter and string design
  6. Loss estimation & energy yield calculation
  7. System installation & documentation best practices
  8. Sizing optimization for PV-DG integrated system
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