Asian Youth Energy Summit 2012

Asian Youth Energy Summit(AYES) is an annual conference organized by Energy Carta. This year AYES will run on theme of Reshaping Sustainability in Asia, where we seek to highlight the reality of energy industry in Asia and how we as a region should move forward. Should we adopt the existing ways of sustainable development? Or should we as a region complement each other’s energy needs and work together in emerging as a more sustainable Asia.

The highlight of AYES 2012 is the launch of Changing the Game – South-East Asia.

Changing the Game:

Changing the Game is the first game to give a unified treatment of the future energy system. It allows students of all backgrounds to learn about and get hands-on experience with energy planning and policy making.

It simplifies a number of relevant discussions and thereby empowers the participants with deeper knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved. Dealing with energy systems usually involves dealing with a lot of numbers, which tends to scare most people away. In order to make energy planning accessible for everyone, we sought to visualize things as much as possible.

Therefore Changing the Game uses LEGO® bricks to translate words and numbers into a visual representation. A lot of work has been put into making the game playable by everyone irrespective of prior knowledge. Just reading the 13-page background material should give everyone with a high school education level sufficient knowledge to be able to play the game.

First developed by Energy Crossroad – Denmark, Changing the Game is adapted and changed into the context of Southeast Asia by Energy Carta.

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