4th CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai – Employee Engagement: improve productivity & performance

True to our promise we continue with our monthly CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai. The 4th CSR & Sustainability Meetup will take place on 16th December 2014. In December we focus on Employee Engagement.

The purpose of the 4th CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai is to unite professionals, to network, exchange ideas, identify principles and best practices for ensuring that employees are:

  • Committed to their organisation’s goals and values
  • Motivated to contribute to organisational success 
  • Enabled to enhance their own sense of well-being
  • Identify opportunities for career and personal development 

As in every monthly Meetup, we will host 2 experienced guest speakers from leading companies, who will share their experiences and practices on Employee Engagement and how this impacts organisational culture and performance.

The 4th CSR & Sustainability Meetup will take place at the Impact Hub from 18:30pm to 20:30 pm

For more information and registration please visit : http://www.meetup.com/CSR-Sustainability-Meetup-Dubai/

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