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2nd Global Biofuel Virtual Conference



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Covid-19 and the Biofuels Market
The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented restrictions on travel, work and industry causing declined demand for biofuels. Manufacturing processes of several companies worldwide have been affected. However, some of them have commenced these processes by keeping in mind the stringent norms, such as social distancing and low workforce. Players throughout the value chain will need to re-evaluate their near-term strategies and long-term plans in response to these challenges.

Split into two half-day sessions, the virtual conference covers biofuels emerging trends and opportunities, latest advancements in conversion technology, feedstock supply demand outlook, and many more.

Key highlights

  • Readying for Market Recovery in the Post Covid-19 Era
  • Global and Asian Situation of Biodiesel, HVO, Cellulosic Ethanol, etc
  • China’s UCO Market Updates: 2021 and Beyond
  • Emerging Trends, Feedstock Supply and Conversion Technologies for Advanced Biofuels
  • Palm Waste and Residue Framework in South East Asia and Sustainability Standards
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel & Marine Fuel: Updates on Regulations, Initiatives and End-User Perspectives
  • Algae Biofuels: Recent Advances and Future Prospectsrsion technology, feedstock supply demand outlook, and many more.

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