1st International Conference on Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies - BEST2013

1st International Conference on Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies - BEST2013, January 27-30

The recent and continuing advances in life sciences have come up with a prediction that this will be the century of Biotechnology. Capturing the economic, environmental, health and social scenarios, biotechnology has been versatile in solving various challenging problems and has proved its significance. Owing to the stupendous growth in various form of science there has been an alarming increase in the level of environmental degradation under the names of pollution, climate changes, global warming etc.

This contest demands the need of biotechnology and other sustainable technologies to address and overcome the climate change in effective way. The issue of highest importance to developing countries is reducing the vulnerability of their natural and socio-economic systems to the projected scenarios. In India most important sector to be taken care of is agriculture. Efforts have been made to use various economic instruments to provide flexibility to polluters in choosing the most cost-efficient and environmentally effective measures, thereby reducing compliance costs.

With special reference to Indian conditions, transfer of sustainable technology specially in agriculture sectors holds the key. High levels of air, water and waste pollution emanating from large industrial centres, in some areas resulting in regional “hot spots” causing serious damage to human health and the natural environment. Another important issue is conservation of biodiversity (wild life). Thus by the use of biotechnology in the form of vermi-culture, bio-fertilizers, dry dairy, disease resistant varieties, by reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the rate of photosynthesis the rising of CO2-levels in the atmosphere can be slowed down. There is a need to emphasize the importance of sustainable development and environment protection in attaining the goal of a sustainable green society, and in order to deliver the benefits of biotechnology the National Mission is expected to focus attention on achieving technological breakthroughs by developing very low cost and eco-friendly methods and devices, and making them available to the common man.

India’s development scene today is at a tipping point, where opportunities abound and yet the challenges are also unprecedented. This scenario calls for dovetailing efforts to use biotechnology for providing better climate and growth of rural India. We, Indian’s are fortunate that its demographic profile is dominated by agriculture thereby providing an ideal opportunity for maximizing the benefits of biotechnology. In this perspective , Anna Bio Research Foundation (AEC) proudly present an 1st International Conference on the topic ” BIOENERGY,  ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES - BEST2013” which aimed at creating an effective forum for exchanges of innovative ideas and research works in the areas of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development for Cleaner Environment and to accomplish Eco-friendly future.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Praveen Kumar Ramanujam
[javascript protected email address]

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