Winner | Asian Digital Media Awards 2020

Kai Whiting

Sustainability and Stoicism Researcher


Universidade de Lisboa

I will be presenting at Stoicon 2018 in London. My two latest open access academic articles are:

Sustainable Development, Wellbeing and Material Consumption: A Stoic Perspective. See here:

Material Services with Both Eyes Wide Open
See here:

I was also interviewed in two podcasts on Stoicism and Sustainability:

Stoic Philosophy Podcast

Practical Stoic Podcast:

Academic Qualifications

PhD Candidate in Sustainable Energy Systems at Universidade de Lisboa

European Masters in Renewable Energy at Universidad de Zaragoza.

Masters of Science in Environment and Business, Abertay University

BSc Environmental Science and Technology, University of Exeter.

Asia Pacific's Hub For Collaboration On Sustainable Development
An Eco-Business initiative
The SDG Co