Mark Diesendorf

Honorary Associate Professor

Started academic life as a physicist and applied mathematician, then broadened out into interdisciplinary fields, focusing on energy technologies and policies. Prior to joining UNSW in 2004 was, at various times, a Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO Division of Mathematics & Statistics, Coordinator of the Australian Conservation Foundation's Global Climate Change Program, Senior Lecturer in Human Ecology at the Australian National University, Professor of Environmental Science at University of Technology Sydney, and Director of Sustainability Centre Pty Ltd.

His latest book is 'Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change (UNSW Press, Sydney, and Routledge-Earthscan, London, 2014).

Earlier books are 'Human Ecology, Human Economy: Ideas for an Ecologically Sustainable Future' (co-edited with Clive Hamilton; Allen & Unwin 1997); 'Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy' (UNSW Press, 2007); and 'Climate Action: A Campaign Manual for Greenhouse Solutions' (UNSW Press 2009).

Research interests: Rapid climate mitigation; energy policy; renewable energy; nuclear energy; sustainable urban transport; ecologically sustainable development

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