Cameron Fioret

PhD Student in Philosophy

I am a second year Ph.D. student at the University of Guelph, as well as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Arrell Food Institute. My Ph.D. supervisor is Dr. Monique Deveaux, Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Global Social Change. My research interests revolve around issues of ownership and property, commodification, and distributive justice concerning natural resources. Should naturally occurring necessities for life, like water, be considered common property and commonly owned? Is it impermissible to commodify water? What is the most efficient, yet just, form of ownership of natural necessities? Such questions are the aim of my research at the doctoral level.

Academically, I have written on topics concerning property, applied and global ethics, moral and value theory, political philosophy, and informal logic and argumentation. Moreover, I have completed a BA[H] at the University of Windsor, and an MA at Western University. Professionally and voluntarily, I have worked in education, healthcare, and international development. My volunteer experiences have taken me to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Malawi.

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