Winner | Asian Digital Media Awards 2020

Amanda Bryan

Sustainability leader New Zealand



For my clients, I strive to be involved when a project idea is born. This enables me to embed and deliver Regenerative design outcomes during the course of a projects journey.

I'm a Sustainability Engineer who endeavors to co-create a higher purpose for project teams to aspire to. I aim to encourage clients to realise the full potential of their project to give back to nature, people and communities.

I've recently completed Regenerative Practitioner training and intend to engage with clients and project teams through an Integrated Design Process and Regenerative framework. For projects my end state thinking includes;

 Applied Principles - Bringing to light, Developing, and embedding sustainability principles, from Net Zero Energy, Reduction of waste and materials used, improving procurement policies, community’s health, safety and well-being.

 Stakeholders engagement - Aligning the project team to design for the applied principles and desired rating.

 Design outcomes - Empower design decisions to reduce Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emissions of a project through 3D modelling

My expertise include 3D modelling to empower design decisions to reduce Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emissions of a project. Also my deep understanding in a variety of green principles and rating tools. On many projects I've provided advice, and complied formal submissions for independent third party's throughout NZ and Australian.

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