Isabelle Morin

Director, Singapore

Isabelle MORIN is a Director of CSR Asia’s Singapore office. With 10 years of consulting experience and 6 years in the sustainability field, Isabelle leads engagements with companies in Singapore and CSR Asia advisory services, and has had direct experience with more than 50 multinational and regional companies in ASEAN.

Prior to joining CSR Asia, Isabelle was a sustainability consulting project manager with Accenture Strategy and a Program Director with Frontier Strategy Group in Singapore. Her experiences encompass various aspects of sustainability strategy from planning, implementation, business integration and reporting.

Isabelle has worked with a wide range of MNCs and local companies across the consumer goods, agribusiness, telecom and banking sectors. Isabelle also has experience working at board level on issues around growth and go-to-market strategy, supporting C-level and senior executives at leading MNCs make strategic decisions across emerging markets in Asia.

Isabelle has a Master Sc. Management from the Grenoble School of Management (France), followed with an MBA program at Stellenbosch University (South-Africa).

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