Rochelle March

Based in New York, Rochelle works with a diversity of clients to improve their strategic advantage and sustainability leadership.

She works across multiple industries and geographies for corporate and nonprofit clients, including Unilever, Nestlé, GE, Michelin, Barclays, TIAA and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). She also supports SustainAbility’s work on helping companies advance the development of more sustainable business models and is the co-author of Model Behavior II: Strategies to Rewire Business.

As Manager of Project Innovation and Design, Rochelle leads SustainAbility’s work to constantly evolve project processes and methodologies to deliver top-quality insights to clients. Rochelle has created new approaches to aligning corporate strategies to stakeholders with the help of data visualization techniques and developed a proprietary methodology for mapping company performance to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Rochelle makes sure Analysts are trained in the the latest data analysis and research skills, and is in charge of optimizing SustainAbility’s impressive intellectual capital from its 30-year history.

She brings several years of consulting and project management experience, having engaged with clients like Lockheed Martin on socially responsible investment, Dunkin’ Donuts on its sustainable restaurant program, and NRDC on environmental health policy. She’s also worked with Credit Suisse, IMF and the King Khalid Foundation as a consultant for advisory services firm AccountAbility.

Prior to entering the sustainability field, Rochelle worked in cancer research at Weill Cornell Medical Center and founded a graphic design company, Earth of Foxes. She holds a dual MBA/MS in Environmental Policy from Bard College and a Bachelor’s in Individualized Study from NYU. She is LEED AP and GRI certified and an avid writer with articles published in The Guardian, GreenBiz and The Climate Group.

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